Ultimate News!

We are thrilled to announce that as of January 1, 2020, the new name of your vacation club will be Ultimate Leisure Club instead of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club.

Sirenis Premium Travelers will continue to exist as the holding company that sits under the Sirenis Hotels & Resorts umbrella brand. We are the same corporation, the same team of like-minded professionals, with a new brand name.

We believe that this change reflects a significant milestone in the evolution of our company since its founding in 2009, by reassuring who we are and where we are going. However, our backbone beliefs remain the same.


With this new vacation club name, we will be able to expand our Resort Portfolio to offer you new travel possibilities at our; Home Resorts, Partner Resorts, or Associated Resorts.

As of January 1, 2020, when you log in to the sirenispremiumtravelers.com website, you will be redirected to our new ultimateleisureclub.com website, where you can simply login by using your same user name (Membership PIN No.) and password.

At your new ultimateleisureclub.com website, you will discover our new look & feel as well as some unique features like the Rewards & Referral module.

Our email domain will be @ultimateleisureclub.com instead of @sirenispremiumtravelers.com, and our social media accounts will be:







We take this opportunity to reassure our commitment to provide you with the same or better level of service you have experienced, and we would also like to thank you for your loyalty.

Please do not hesitate to contact your personal Member Care Executive should you have any questions.

We are all very excited about our new vacation club name and are looking forward to seeing you at one of our Resorts soon.

Vacation Club Corporate Department



This is your time, your club,
your moment to belong.

Saving Earth, One Turtle at a time!


Every year, dozens of turtles arrive at our nesting beach in Riviera Maya to lay their eggs. Being one of the most endangered species in the world, we put much effort into protecting these beautiful creatures.

In Mexico, we have laws that forbid the practice of fishing, eating, and selling sea turtles and their eggs. Moreover, Mexico is part of the InterAmerican Convention for the Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles.

Starting in 2017, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya established nesting bases to further this effort of being ecofriendly. We offer a training program for all our employees and volunteers where we educate them on the importance of protecting sea turtles and their natural habitat. They learn how to minimize the use of plastic and other trash that has polluted our oceans for years as well as how to release the turtles once they hatch.

During the months of June to November, the hatchlings begin to break out of their eggs and climb out of the nest to find the ocean. Sometimes baby turtles are disoriented and need help to make it to shore. Our trained staff members provide assistance to clear the path to the sea, making it easier for these newborn creatures. Of course, we invite all our members to assist us as well as there are many turtles that need our help!

As of today, we have released 5,301 turtles and along the Riviera Maya we have:

  • 78 Loggerheads sea turtle nests | 7,912 Loggerheads turtle eggs
  • 162 Tabasco Turtle nests | 17,912 Tabasco turtle eggs

If you are planning a vacation, visit our Riviera Maya resort during July to witness this once in a lifetime rewarding experience. Not only are you helping the conservation of an endangered species, but you will also connect with nature and its life cycles.


2nd SPT Members Appreciation Convention – 2018

2a convención de Socios

Join us!

The 2018, 2nd SPT Members Appreciation Convention offers a variety of events to ensure that you make the most of your time in Grand Sirenis Matlali Hills & Resort in Puerto Vallarta.

Click here to subscribe to each event for the chance to win amazing prizes.
Master Chef                                       3K Race                                           Talent Show
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    SPT Convention T&C

SPT Beach Club in Riviera Maya.

Welcome to the first SPT beach Club outpost of Grand Sirenis Resort in Riviera Maya, this destination positioned. Spread across palm three spaces, our multifaceted venue offers an array of experiences. We have taken the essential elements that, when combined together, create our unique SPT Beach Club vibe and have reimagined them to create an offering that celebrates and embraces the fantastic aspects of Sirenis.

Sirenis Premium Beach Club will offer its members a stylish and sophisticated destination for relaxation and rejuvenation with it’s tranquil and refreshing facilities.

acercamiento hamacas.JPG

SPT Beach Club is a definite point located on the most exceptional sun-soaked stretch of sand in Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. Designed to straddle the line between indoors and outdoors, the beach club takes its cue from modernism and maritime influences.

Located in a privileged place, SPT Beach Club is a refuge next to the Caribbean Sea. A sophisticated club for all family, where you can enjoy the sun, pool, and sea, the best time during your vacations, thanks to its concept and a private tropical oasis full of energy. Delight your senses and relax luxuriously.

SPA alberca.JPG

In Sirenis Premium Travelers Club all week there is mode vacation starting the with best dishes of our Mexican and international cuisine with the best products of our sea and our land, our chef will cater and satisfy your appetite with his inspired selection of national and international dishes.

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Can you think of a better way to start the morning than with a delicious fresh drink?

We offer a wide variety of dishes for lunch prepared with the best quality.                            Let us surprise you with our flavors!

The New Sirenis Premium Beach Club family-friendly at Sirenis Punta Cana Resort.

From the palm tree-lined entrance to the tropical landscape at our seafront Resort, your arrival at Sirenis Punta Cana Resort & Aquagames sets the stage for a truly unique and memorable experience. Whether traveling for business or on a leisure vacation, now is time for spending time at the new Sirenis Premium Beach Club, that is destined to be a grand experience for our SPT members.
Also known as “Sirenis Premium Travelers Beach Club”, we are located just next to the tranquil pool.

Beach Club Punta CanaWe serve the best Mojito and signature kitchen dishes, specializing in individual gourmet portions.

At Sirenis Premium Travelers Club we are pride ourselves in living up to our reputation by offering great service to our members!

letrero SPT .JPG
Operations hours: Monday through Sunday. Check out our menus:

Brunch 10:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.

Chef’s Diner on Tuesday’s from 7:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.

Gala Dinner on Thursday’s  7:00 p.m.

Visit our website for more info: sirenispremiumtravelers.com 


Another Opening in Sirenis Punta Cana Resort … The Brazilian Restaurant “La Gira Rodizio”.

La Gira Rodizio, the new Brazilian restaurant of Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, with signature cuisine.

Delve into our menu and savor the traditional flavors that our Brazilian restaurant offers. Enjoy an unlimited and succulent variety of rotisserie-grilled meats, glazed pineapple, a gourmet salad bar, authentic Brazilian sides, and an experience like nowhere else.

Inspired by the Southern part of Brazil, La Gira Rodizio offers eight swords rotisserie-grilled portions of meat, perfectly seasoned. Our meats are sliced thin to capture the tenderness and flavor produced by our slow-roasting process.

Our gourmet salad bar includes a variety of signature salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and cured meats and much more.

Ask your server about draft beer or complement your dinner with a glass local wine.


It’s open from 6:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.- 9:00 pm

* Vegetarian menu available.

With so many choices the whole family will be satisfied.

Sirenis Premium Travelers loves helping children.

All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.
Sirenis Premium Travelers International (SPT) the prestigious vacation Club of Sirenis Hotels & Resorts started its 2018 operations by “HELPING” the children of Oaxaca, México by donating 5% of the funds generated during their 1st. Family Members’ Appreciation Convention, to a specific UNICEF WASH project.

WASH is the collective term for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Due to their interdependent nature, these three core issues are grouped together. While each a separate field of work, each is dependent on the presence of the other. For example, without toilets, water sources become contaminated; without clean water, basic hygiene practices are not possible.

Five months after the devastating earthquakes that affected the state of Oaxaca México and despite the government efforts to assure that all students from the damage areas can attend school on a regular basis, there are still a significant number of children that cannot assist to school due to lack of infrastructure, water and sanitation among other things.

This specific UNICEF WASH project will build temporary class rooms for the 320 students from Vicente Guerrero elementary school (municipality of Santa María Huamelula) & Cuauhtémoc Elementary School (municipality of San Pedro Comitancillo).

“I feel very honored and grateful to work for a company that supports, and empowers us to participate in this type of projects, it gives all of us at SPT a greater sense of belonging knowing that though our work we can help the less fortunate. We are very excited for the Oaxaca elementary students that will soon have classrooms”. stated Grace Sepúlveda SPT Director.


The project will take three months and it will be coordinated by UNICEF with the IEEPO, school principals, PA (parents’ association) among with the local municipalities authorities to assure a successful outcome of the project. The quality and execution of the plan will be supervised by a team of experts that will be situated in the state of Oaxaca and in the UNICEF México City offices. Regular on-site visits will be done to assure that the established quality assurance standards as well as the completion time are meet.

For more information please read the link UNICEF WASH

Sirenis Premium Travelers thanks all their members that participated during the 1st. Family Members Appreciation Convention that made an upgrade as well as all their guests that invested in a new membership during the convention.

“Sirenis Hotels & Resorts loves helping children, so we are very happy that the 320 students from the two elementary schools from Oaxaca will have classrooms that at least meet the basics necessities of the UNICEF WASH program”. Stated Toni Riera, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts Caribbean Director.

Grupo Sirenis y Oxohotel con un hotel en San Andrés (Colombia)

Bogota nuevo hotel


Bogotá, 29 de junio 2017: Juan Carlos Galindo de la Vega, CEO de oxoHotel, anunció ayer de forma oficial, la alianza que realizó el operador con el Grupo Español Sirenis, para llevar a cabo el más ambicioso proyecto hotelero en la Isla de San Andrés.

Los ejecutivos del Grupo Sirenis están nuevamente visitando el país para trabajar en el avance de hotel en la Isla de San Andrés, en el que han puesto todo su conocimiento, relacionado en la oferta de lujo vacacional en las islas y costas más importantes del mundo.

Abel Matutes Tur (Ibiza, 1941), Presidente del grupo Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, Pedro Matutes Barceló(Barcelona, 1968), Director General de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts y Antonio Riera (Ibiza, 1979), Director Regional Caribe y responsable del club vacacional que el Grupo Sirenis desarrolló en el Caribe desde el año 2009, visitaron Bogotá, luego se desplazaron a San Andrés y finalmente viajaron a Cartagena, con el objetivo de conocer y sentir muy de cerca el ambiente turístico y la infraestructura hotelera del país.

El ingreso de Sirenis a la hotelería nacional coloca a Colombia en el radar de la hotelería de lujo en el mundo con el concepto All Inclusive, con altos estándares en servicio y calidad a sus huéspedes y abre la puerta al turismo internacional vacacional de alto nivel. Según declaraciones de su Presidente, Abel Matutes Tur, “Estamos muy contentos e ilusionados con la entrada del Grupo Sirenis en Colombia, un país en el que apreciamos un gran potencial de desarrollo turístico, que sin duda se va a desplegar en los próximos años. Queremos ser parte activa de ese proceso”


De izquierda a derecha, Pedro Matutes, Director General de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts; Abel Matutes Tur, Presidente de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts; Juan Carlos Galindo de la Vega, CEO de oxoHotel y Antonio Riera, Director Regional Caribe de Sirenis Hotels & Resorts .


oxoHotel aborda de lleno el mercado vacacional, apostándole al futuro del turismo en Colombia. Sigue creciendo en el mercado corporativo con 14 Hoteles en operación, 10 más, en proceso de pre-apertura que iniciaran operaciones entre 2017 y 2018. Adicionalmente están convencidos del potencial del mercado colombiano como destino turístico. Así las cosas, oxoHotel tiene como reto seguir creciendo sus operaciones en Colombia, y por esta razón, “En alianza con el Grupo español Sirenis, desarrollamos un hotel cinco estrellas, todo incluido, con estándares que hasta el momento no existen en el país y estará listo para finales de 2018. Contará con 332 habitaciones, 4 restaurantes, 2 piscinas y salón de eventos”, explica Juan Carlos Galindo de la Vega, CEO de oxoHotel. Este nuevo proyecto de lujo en San Andrés se convierte entonces en un propósito absolutamente llamativo e inigualable, pues es el primer Hotel All Inclusive operado conjuntamente por oxoHotel y Sirenis y el primero que pertenece a la marca Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.

Exclusive SPT Club Beach Club

The construction of the new exclusive beach club for members of Sirenis Premium Travelers at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resorts & Spa began. The beach club has an area of 3909 m2 located in front of the new beach on one side of the dolphinarium. Its design is very modern and avant-garde. It will have a large restaurant with air conditioning as well as swimming pools and terraces, all the details were taken into account in order to provide top services that include specialized stewardship, among others.

This beach club will add value to our club and the vacation experience of our members, will also allow us to exceed their expectations as a benefit that was not offered when they purchased their membership.



The Beach Club is scheduled to open in December 2017.