New Member Check-in Process Means More Personalized Experience

Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Members visiting Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya will now have a whole new arrival experience. The new check-in procedure was created to heighten the level of service and exclusivity for Members, and promises to add even more value to SPT membership.

The new check-in process begins the second you arrive at the resort.  You will leave your bags with the bellmen at the entrance, and will be met by your concierge–the SPT staff will know your detailed travel schedule so they will know exactly when you are expected to arrive at the resort and be at the ready when you do.

Once you are met by your concierge, you will be shuttled to the Sirenis Premium Travelers Club VIP Lounge to check-in. That’s right, no more checking in at the hotel front desk! You will also be able to exchange money, schedule services and excursions, and make dining reservations all from the VIP Lounge at check-in.

After checking in, you will be shuttled to your suite, where your bags and your fluffy beach towels will already be awaiting you.

The whole new check-in process is faster and more personalized, and just one more reason that being a Sirenis Premium Travelers Club Member is so special!

Published by Ultimate Leisure Club

Ultimate Leisure Club is a flexible vacation club that gives you access to privileged destinations with the freedom to choose when, where and how often you vacation.

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