3 Great Reasons to Visit Riviera Maya in May & June

As everyone knows, there are high seasons and low seasons for travel to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our flagship resort, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, is an idyllic place to call home for a week or two at any time of the year, but like every resort in the world there are seasons that are much busier than others. It may come as no surprise that Spring Break and the winter holiday season are the two busiest tourist seasons for Riviera Maya. And while those times may be popular for good reason (time off from school and work), there are other months during the year that provide plenty of travel advantages as well.

Grand Sirenis resort

If you have the flexibility of taking your vacation at any time of the year, the months of May and June could be the best times to visit Grand Sirenis. Why?

Less Crowds.

With Spring Break over, all the party animals have gone home and taken their throngs of friends with them. And while Riviera Maya isn’t empty in May and June, it is sure less crowded than during high season. That means more space on the beach, more tables in restaurants, more available appointment times at the spa, more peace, more quiet, more privacy—for everyone. If that sounds good to you, May and June is a great time to visit.

Lower Rates.

Because May and June are considered off-season prices on things like airfare, car rental fees, excursions and other travel expenses could be much lower. It definitely varies from place to place, and from vendor to vendor, but some experts say the cost savings during the off-season can range from as much as 20% to 50% off!

More Local Color.

When the crowds are gone, the locals relax. They also have more time to talk with tourists and customers. Travelers who like to get a good sense the local culture will find it is easier to gain that perspective during the off-season when the locals aren’t being overwhelmed with swarms of people.

The off-season is the off-season for a reason. May and June are the start of the summer in Mexico, which means more rain than usual and hotter temperatures. However, it is just the start of the season, so those two months will likely not be as hot and rainy as the late summer. For some smart tips on traveling in the off-season, check out this great article.

Have you ever traveled in the off-season? Would you do it again?

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