Our beloved on-site Mayan Ruin is official!

Though much smaller than the Tulum temple, the Xaac temple/lighthouse is its lonely mate, located in our small inlet (caleta) at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort and Spa.Caleta Xaac

The caleta is composed of a pair of bays surrounding a small island-like shelf of limestone with an ancient Mayan temple: Xaac (pronounced “zah-ahk”, which means “fear” in Mayan).

On October 9, 2014 the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH, National Institute of Anthropology and History) certified the Mayan ruin, Xaac, as an authentic part of the rich history of the area that surrounds our resort.

INAH is a federal government organization founded in 1939 that enables the research, conservation, protection and spreading of the pre-historical and paleontological heritage of Mexico.


The Xaac temple, was used as a light house facility for merchants navigating the maritime routes with their trading-products from Central America to the Gulf of Mexico during the Post classic –late period (AD 1200 -1550).


The layer is cracked into numerous pieces of rock from which a current of fresh water flows into both bays. A cenote, or fresh water cave, exists under the temple while growing forth from the rocks is a garden of live brain coral. In this unique place a Mayan microcosm is presented to the observer in an immaculate setting.

The main room´s ceiling is vaulted and its interior and exterior was protected with stucco. The decoration element is a simple ledge; traces indicate a previous existence of a sculptor representing a deity on the top of the ruin.

In the interior of the temple, remnant of paintings in blue, red, orange, yellow and black can be witnessed as the doorframe and lintel´s design.

On your next visit to Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya don’t forget to climb the rocks to explore it! It is also a charming backdrop for photos as it tells stories about its ancient past.


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