Sirenis Punta Cana Resort Casino & Aquagames will uncover renewed exclusive SPT members´ suites as part of the resort´s revamp programme.

The distinctive new look and feel of Sirenis Premium Travelers Club is a perfect mixture between privilege, flexibility and choice, which was also brought into the new interior design of the suites.

From the moment members step through the door, they will be enchanted and captured by interiors that exude contemporary design and that are mixed with sundry comfort touches. It has reBuilding Tropical  Sally taken a premium feel.

The project will likely move through at two stages, until the remodel reaches full completion. On the first stage we remodeled a complete building of Club Premium Mini Suites.

The plush rugs and cozy sofa in the living room, sharp lines and white-blue of the abstract paintings add a touch of cool ambience to the suite while the bedrooms are well-appointed with elegant snowy bedding and modern furniture. The bathroom displays luxury with rain showers and exquisite finishing.

Club Premium Mini Suite 4 (2)

The SPT touch is felt through the patterned textures in the suites and through the bed’s sophisticated headboard, adding a perfect balance of modernity and proud of ownership.

You’ll notice the new colors and soft textures of the translucent window coverings that bring the green and blue feel of the landscape in from the outside.

Each Club suite, for SPT members, is very well equipped, including a Touchscreen computer with internet access, allowing guests to be one click away from their beloved ones, communicated with their business, to make their stay even more enjoyable and convenient. Technology is a key feature of the refurbished suites.

Club Premium Mini Suite

We are enthusiastic to present the new suites to our members and acquire the first feedback on our new look and innovative design,” said Luis González, Operations Manager of Sirenis Punta Cana Resort Casino & Aquagames. “Even though the Club suites are only five years old, we are fortunate to be able to offer a fresh suite design for our SPT members.”

The Club Premium Rooms and Club Premium Connecting Suites enhancements completes the second phase of the refurbishment programme, which started in May, 2015 with the renovation of the Club Premium Mini Suites and will be finalized by mid-November 2015. The hotel has also modernized the lobby, while also opening the authentic American restaurant Route 66.

Our goal is to have all this work completed by November 2015. Visit us and watch the progress as our new look unfolds! For more information and to make a reservation, head to the website or call the Sirenis Service Center (SSC).

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